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Preparing neurodiverse individuals for a passionate career through integrated career-technical education.

SN Inclusion is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All courses and services are free.


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Unemployment rates among individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder are approximately  85  percent


  500,000+ more individuals with ASD will enter the workforce in the next decade.

The need for specialized vocational training is growing by the minute. We provide that training by specializing in career-technical education for neurodiverse individuals.

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We offer career-technical education courses designed for neurodiverse individuals. These courses are designed to prepare you these individuals for their selected career pathways and include interactive videos, quizzes, infographics, activities, certifications, and more. Sign up today to gain access.

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Video Introduction to SN Inclusion

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Our Mission

To tap into the unique passions, strengths, and abilities of neurodiverse individuals.

Our Vision

Building an online platform to provide CTE (Career Technical Education) training to neurodiverse individuals towards a pathway to fulfilling, passionate careers.

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Join the SN Inclusion family as an employer or as a volunteer! For employers looking to provide training for hiring neurodiverse individuals, SN Inclusion offers free customized training courses for your business. For volunteers looking to make an impact on the neurodiverse community and get involved in SN Inclusion, apply today!

For employers

Become an SN Inclusion Chapter Lead

For leaders passionate about neurodiversity advocacy

SN Inclusion provides chapters with extensive and exclusive resources for making their impact on the neurodiversity movement. Chapter leads will join a community of expert advisors, renowned researchers, and passionate advocates and get recognition and opportunities for awards. The application is short and simple and is open year-round. Apply today to make your impact!


Customize the training program to your age and your needs. 


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Progress Tracking

Grow and foster your abilities through the SN Inclusion program. 

Career pathways

A sample of available career pathways


Train skills such as: taking orders, calling out orders, making drinks, etc.

Office Administrator

Train skills such as: data entry, m aking copies, stapling files, printing, etc.

Grocery Store

Train skills such as: bringing in shopping carts, bagging groceries, shelving items and checking out, etc.

Preparing for your Job

Train, apply, enjoy

Communication Simulations

We provide simulations for email and social communications 

Resume/Cover Letter

Tell your employers about your strengths and skills

Interview Simulations

Be fully prepared and confident for your job interviews

Pathway to our program's graduation and career readiness

Pick a career path

Assess your career strengths and interests, and pick a course you feel passionate about learning.

Take the specialized course

Follow our guided course plan

Take the job readiness course

Prepare for work with our courses on sending emails, writing cover letters, resumes, interviews, and more.

Get certified

You are ready for your job! You will receive your completion certificate.

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