SN Inclusion
By Isabella He: Founder of SN Inclusion
As a junior at Mission San Jose High School in Fremont, California, I started the nonprofit organization SN Inclusion to bring career-technical education to individuals with special needs. 

SN Inclusion ( is dedicated to preparing individuals with special needs for careers through integrated career-technical education (CTE). With unemployment rates for individuals with autism being approximately 90%, SN Inclusion’s mission is to tap into the unique strengths, passions, and abilities of special needs individuals to enable them to join the workforce.

SN Inclusion is a non-profitable program. All courses and assistance are free. With this free assistance, I hope to make SN Inclusion as impactful for the special needs community as possible. 

SN Inclusion has achieved partnerships with local businesses such as the embroidery company Turtleworks, as well as with Friends Coffee and Tea, a Cafe operating under the nonprofit organization Friends of Children with Special Needs (FCSN). SN Inclusion has advisors including board-certified experts on autism and other leading entrepreneurs in neurodiversity inclusion in the workplace.

After writing a research paper about the benefits of career-technical education for all secondary students, I realized the particular benefits CTE can provide for students with special needs. I combined my expertise on CTE and training for individuals with special needs to create my passion project, SN Inclusion.

I interned at Chengdu's Hospital for Women and Children’s program for children with special needs and taught these children firsthand, gaining valuable experience in working with individuals with special needs. I incorporated the knowledge I learned at the hospital program into SN Inclusion's vocational training program. 

I am also a program coordinator for FCSN. With my team of FCSN directors, I coordinate the “Flexible Subject Virtual Tutoring” program to provide individuals with special needs with 1:1 virtual tutoring, which has been especially impactful during the COVID-19 pandemic. I also lead the “Starting FCSN Clubs at Your School” program to start multiple FCSN clubs at various high schools and colleges, guiding and supervising teams of volunteers/students at FCSN to start an FCSN club at their school with my own experience forming the first-ever FCSN school club at my high school.

Individuals with special needs have incredible strengths, passions, and abilities that would be immensely valuable in the workforce. I hope to use my experience in working with individuals with special needs to make SN Inclusion a truly valuable program to improve neurodiversity in the workplace. 

SN Inclusion is a non-profitable program. All courses and assistance are FREE. Sign up for the embroidery course in collaboration with local business Turtleworks at!

SN Inclusion
SN Inclusion
27 September, 2020
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