SN Inclusion Chapter Lead

Become an SN Inclusion chapter lead and make your impact on the neurodiverse community.

What does being a chapter lead mean?

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Chapter Application Information 
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Running SN Inclusion Chapters:

Armani Moore: Fresno, CA

Jasmine Yu: Union City, CA

Amelia Jin and Sihan Xue: Northwood High School (Irvine)

Iris Zhang: Crean Lutheran High School (Irvine)

Lingyun Zhang: Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy (Irvine)

Cathy Zhang: Rancho Santa Margarita - Santa Margarita Catholic High School 

Yifan Li: Walton High School (Marietta)

Brooks Lin: Silver Creek High School (San Jose)

Claire and Amber Wu: BASIS Independent Silicon Valley (San Jose)

Joshua Kao: Greene Middle School (Palo Alto)

Courtney Wong: San Diego, CA

Nathan Guan: Seattle, WA

Bill Song: Shenzhen, China Chapter

Tai Wai, Hong Kong Chapter

As a Chapter Lead, you will receive resources for the following from SN Inclusion:

  • Content Creator Guidelines and Processes

  • Providing volunteer hours to your members

  • Networking with neurodiversity advocates from around the world

  • Speaker opportunities from renowned institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, Duke, and more

  • Hosting monthly webinars, networking sessions, and events

  • Tutoring programs following our courses at

  • Hosting annual events for all chapter leaders

  • Building a community

  • Being a leader

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Who Should Apply?

A leader passionate about neurodiversity advocacy and ready to make an impact. We highly encourage international chapters to bring SN Inclusion opportunities to people globally. Every year, we will award a Chapter of the Year (team) and Chapter Lead of the Year (individual). You will receive a certificate as well as recognition on the SN Inclusion website for your awards. All chapter leads will be featured on SN Inclusion’s website.

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President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

SN Inclusion is an official Certifying Organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award. Founded in 2003, the President’s Volunteer Service Award honors individuals whose service positively impacts communities in every corner of the nation and inspires those around them to take action, too.