Workplace Inclusion of Neurodiversity

Dependable Employees

Neurodiverse individuals exhibit many strengths that make them loyal, dependable, focused, desirable employees.

Differently Abled

Successful workplace inclusion of neurodiverse individuals requires only the understanding of their special talents and needs.

Authentic, Inclusive Team

Neurodiverse employees naturally have the utmost integrity. They are focused, driven, and passionate. 

Business Benefits

Why Diversity Matters

Tax Credits (WOTC)

Tax incentives from the IRS 

Thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars can be given in Work Opportunity Tax Credits to businesses hiring neurodiverse employees. A direct federal tax credit of $2,400 for every individual with a disability hired, depending on part/full-time employment.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

Making companies better

Companies such as Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Ford, and SAP are already increasing neurodiversity in their workplaces. “After three to six months working in the Mortgage Banking Technology division, autistic workers were doing the work of people who took three years to ramp up — and were even 50 percent more productive." - James Mahoney

Reduced Turnover

Reduce costs

Studies show a 50% reduction in employee turnover when hiring neurodiverse individuals compared to other labor pools. This reduces costs with training time, work hours loss, overtime, productivity loss, human resources, and more. 

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