What is career-technical education?

Integrated CTE Courses: Career and technical education (CTE) is the practice of teaching specific career skills to students through hands-on, experimental lessons.

 High Student Satisfaction
80% of all CTE students report satisfaction with their education and the accompanying career prospects 

Why CTE for Neurodiversity?

 Over one-third of young adults with autism never get a job or continue education after high school. 

 "CTE programs provide the skills training and experience that are critical for guiding youth through the transition out of secondary school into employment or continued education."

Timeline Of Our Program


Learn about your unique strengths and career interests. 


Take the specialized course on your career interest (cafe, office, grocery, retail store, etc) and follow our guided course plan.


Set up a schedule to follow the lessons plan (example: one lesson per week.)

Take the job readiness course to prepare for sending emails, writing cover letters, resumes, interviews, and more.


You are ready for your job! You can use The Spectrum Careers to find your dream job.

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We offer career-technical education courses designed for individuals with special needs. These courses are designed to prepare you these individuals for their selected career pathways and include interactive videos, quizzes, infographics, activities, certifications, and more. Sign up today to gain access.

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"An abundance of research over the last three decades confirms that- youth with disabilities who have work experiences during their secondary school years are more likely to be successfully employed."

 - Nicholas Galbraith with research from Michael Morris and Nanette Goodman