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Learn how to work in a restaurant! This course will cover how to become a busser or waiter/waitress depending on your personal strengths, but those of you talented in cooking can also look out for chef jobs after taking this course!
What this course includes:
- Bussing Tables
- Washing dishes
- Mopping/sweeping the Floor
- Rolling Silverware
- Setting a Table
- Taking Orders
- Taking Out the Trash
- Communicating orders to the chef/manager
- Managing receipts

(Under Development) Office Administrator
Learn how to work in an office for various office jobs! There are many jobs that you can have in an office. This course will go over administration work, and it is a great option for non-verbal individuals. (** adjustable to your communication levels)
What this course includes:
- Collating and Stapling Papers
- *Typing
- Filing
- Making Copies
- Sending Office-Admin Emails/**Communication
- Data Entry
- and more!
(Under Development) Grocery Store
Learn how to work in a grocery store!
What this course covers:
- Bagging Groceries
- Bringing in Shopping Carts
- Checking out
- Taking inventory
- Shelf management
- and more!

(Under Development) Cafe
Learn how to work in a cafe! Working in a cafe is a great option since many smaller-scale cafes are hiring! There are also specialized cafes for individuals with special needs that are so fun to work in!
What this course includes:
- Taking orders
- Calling names and/or numbers for orders
- Delivering food/drinks to customers
- Bussing/setting table
- Making coffee
- Managing the display case
- and more!
(Under Development) Hotel Worker/Management
Learn how to work in a hotel! This course will also greatly aid in independent living and day-to-day tasks. This can be a fantastic option for non-verbal individuals.
What this course covers:
- Folding and Stocking Towels
- Changing Sheets
- Cleaning Rooms/Bathrooms
- Dusting Furniture
- Hanging Clothing on Hangers and Racks
- Vacuuming
- Sorting Laundry
- and more!
(Under Development) Retail Store
Learn how to work in a clothing/retail store! This is a great option for all those interested in fashion and **can be adjusted to your communication skill level.
What this course includes:
- Hanging Clothing by Size on Hangers and Racks
- Stocking Merchandise
- Shelf management
- Folding clothes
- Checking out
- Changing room management
- **Talking to customers about clothes

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