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Learn how to work in a restaurant! This course will cover how to become a busser or waiter/waitress depending on your personal strengths, but those of you talented in cooking can also look out for chef jobs after taking this course!
What this course includes:
- Bussing Tables
- Washing dishes
- Mopping/sweeping the Floor
- Rolling Silverware
- Setting a Table
- Taking Orders
- Taking Out the Trash
- Communicating orders to the chef/manager
- Managing receipts

(Under Development) Cafe
Learn how to work in a cafe! Working in a cafe is a great option since many smaller-scale cafes are hiring! There are also specialized cafes for individuals with special needs that are so fun to work in!
What this course includes:
- Taking orders
- Calling names and/or numbers for orders
- Delivering food/drinks to customers
- Bussing/setting table
- Making coffee
- Managing the display case
- and more!

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