In this video, we learned how to put a t-shirt, long-shirt, jacket, shorts, and long pants on hangers, and after that, how to place a hanger on the hanging bar.
The steps to place a t-shirt, long-shirt, and jacket on a hanger are the same. First, slide one side of the hanger into a sleeve in the clothing; next, slide the other side of the hanger into the other sleeve. The last step in putting the three upper body clothing on a hanger is to even out both sides so that it’s balanced.
The hanger for shorts contains two clips—one on each side. The first step is to clip one side of the hanger onto one side of the short; after that, clip the other clip on the other side of the short. Before finishing, make sure the clips are tight enough.
Long pants are hanged two different ways and with two different hangers—one being the clip hanger used for shorts, and the other being a special hanger that can hold up to five long pants. The process of hanging the long pants in the first way is the same process used with hanging shorts. The second way is using a hanger with five slots for pants. The first step is to fold the pants in half; after that reach your elbow at the halfway point of the pants and let the top part drop over your elbow. After that, move the pants over your wrist, and let it glide through the slotted line on the hangar.
The last step in hanging clothes is to hook each hanger onto the hanging bar in the closet.

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